portfolio > A terrain of voices, Flinders Island

A sculptural wall relief forming a terrain of Flinders Island 'voices'. This work is composed of a field of timber laser engraved with quotation fragments. These pieces of text are drawn from the last two hundred years of Flinders Islanders speaking about their place, be they newly arrived colonists or Tasmanian Aboriginal people with a history centuries old.

The work is made from laser engraved and painted Tasmanian Oak, weathered Tasmanian Oak and painted medium density fibre board. The laser engraved text is finished in a palette of colours that reflect the landscape of the Island.

A terrain of voices is an Tasmanian Government Art Site Scheme project. It is a collaborative work made with Brita Frost, a Flinders Island born writer now based in Melbourne.
The following people also assisted with the work:
Tracey Allen (font selection and graphic layout of text)
Guy Paramore (fabrication and installation)
Xanderware (laser engraved text)
Joel Roberts (installation assistance)
Shane Smith (installation assistance)

Photographs: Judith Abell

A sculptural wall relief featuring laser engraved timber
A terrain of voices
solid Tasmania oak, medium density fibreboard, screw fixings
900cm x 150cm